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IHF Fluoroplastic Alloy Pumps

IHF Fluoroplastic Alloy Pumps

Introduction and Features

IHF type Fluor plastic liner centrifugal pump is F46 liner chemical pump which is developed by us dependently. Because of its proper structure and excellent sealing result, these products are very cared by chemical industry, metallurgy ,oil, ionic membrane and military engineering etc. In 90s, we success fully developed a new generational higher corrosion proof IHF series centrifugal pump according to domestic and foreign relative information. It almost can resistant all kinds of strongest corrosion such as acid, alkali, salt, oxide and organically organic etc. The product was sold very well all over the country.



IHF type centrifugal pump is designed according to international standards. The pump body is made by metal housing and FEP (F46) lining, pump cover, impeller and shaft sleeve are made by integrated sintering and pressure molding of metal insert and Fluor plastic housing, shaft seal is sealed by external waviness mechanical seal, stationary seal ring is made of 99.9%Alumina ceramics or silicon nitride, and rotating seal ring is made of PTFE stuffing materials, with features such as corrosion proof, abrasion proof and excellent and reliable sealing performance.



This pump can be used in transporting harsh and strong erosive medium of any density such as vitriol, hydrochloric, organic dissolvent and reducing agent etc. It is one of the latest erosion proof equipments in the world. Its biggest advanced and logical structure, reliable sealing performance, convenient dismantling and repair, stable operation, low noise and long lift.
Operating temperature :-30℃~150℃



IH-Serial product of international standard chemical pump
F-pump main parts are F1 plastic
50-inlet diameter
32-outlet diameter
160-Impeller nominal diamerter
A-Impeller via first cut

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