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ISWH Vertical Chemical Pumps

ISWH Vertical Chemical Pumps


PTWH vertical chemical pump is a new generational energy and updated product which is developed by our company per the demand of the market. Its efficiency is 5~8 percent higher than common pumps. Outline adopts advanced technological streamline designed is cats by investment foundry and this creates a very nice outline. Common motor and the shafts of motor and pump are separated shafts are connected by particularly designed high precision coupling, so operation is stable and maintenance is convenient. All pump parts machined integrally and adopt mould orientation, good interchangeability and high assembling accuracy, Materials high-grade stainless steel, erosion-resistant and long life. Shaft sealing uses hard alloy mechanical seal without leakage.



It is mainly used in oil, chemical industry, synthetically fiber, fertilizer, metallurgy, food and pharmaceutics etc. for transporting the corrosive liquid and the medium which has special requirements.


Operation Conditions

Temp Scope:-50℃﹤T﹤+105℃
Operation pressure:Max1.6(MPa)



PT-Code of PATE
W-Vertical Structure
H-Chemical Pumps
B-Explosion prooftype、no mark means basic type
65-Inlet&outlet diameter
20-Head at designed point
A-Impeller via first cut


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