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SL Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Inline Pump

SL Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Inline Pump


S type ,FS type ,SL type ,SY type ,WSY type ,FSY type series glass steel pump ,the passed flow parts which touched the liquid ,it can adopts polyethylene, ameliorated fiberglass high temperature velum press so that it possesses favorable anticorrosive ,bearing temperature performance is high ,light weight ,compared intension is high, still modeled, if adopted general and bear particle machine airproof (submerged without machine airproof )mixed configuration so that the consumed power.
S series ,FS series ,SL series pump installation and usage ,attention and maintain
Before the pump has been fixed, we should select the model, made well terra base according to the figure and installation dimension .when installed on base on the managed place, we should make the fixed place easy to be managed and controlled.
The place of installed pump body is higher than the liquid surface, we should add irrigated equipment.
Before the pump operates, we should firstly put the liquid into the pump body, strictly prohibit the operation without medium and inversion .otherwise, the pump body will damage the machine seal without cooling the liquid.
When parking, we should close up the valve of liquid pipe for avoiding the flowing backwards liquid.
Check out the electric current value of electricity timely, which must not be more than the rating electric current of electricity motor.
Pay attention to maintain, often check whether the pump operates steady, there is abnormal shake, notice to replace the elasticity piece. Inspect oil mark and fill axletree lubricated oil, replace the lubricated oil of the machine frame in certain time. (Currently replace once every three month)



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