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ISW for sleeping in centrifugal pump

ISW for sleeping in centrifugal pump


Designed on the basic of IS single stage centrifugal.
Take advantage of virtues of ISG pump, performance date according to ISO2858 standard and product quality performs JB/T53062-93 standard so the technical performance is advanced in domestic congener products.
The motor and pump are joined directly without transmission parts. So they operate smoothly. Compared with common horizontal pump. PTW series can decrease 30 percent floor space. The shaft seal is made with hard alloy mechanical seal whose working life is long-Besides, the pump features low noise, convenient maintenance and light shake.



Water supply in industry, cities and high-rises
Fire fighting pipeline pressurizing
Cold and hot water circulation in air-condition
Transport water from far away
Pressurizing transport in industrial circulating system, and all kinds of water supply equipments, boiler etc.


Operating Conditions

Capacity range:2~1800m3/h;
Head range: 5~150m;
System Max:working pressure should not be greater than 1.6MPa, namely pressure in suction add to head of head should not be greater than 1.6MPa.
Liquid temperature:-15℃﹤T﹤+105℃
Ambient temperature: ≦40℃
Motor's degree of protection:IP54、IP44;
Motor's class of insulation: B、F



ISW-PATE single stage&one suction horizontal chemical pump
100-Nominal diameter of inlet and outlet
160-Nominal diameter of impeller(mm)
I-Capacity classify
A-Cutting impeller for the first time

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