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SPG Vertical canned pumps

SPG Vertical canned pumps


Particular and fully cased structure without shaft sealing (there is only a static sealing but no dynamic sealing ensures a high quality sealing of the machine)
Closed self-circulation structure is suitable for transporting any sort of liquid without any pollution to environment;
Entirely new and low speed cande cande motor as well as liquid circulation system ensures a low vibration, noise and temperature-rise of the machine.
Pipe structure, similar inlet and outlet diameters are on the same line which can be fixed at any place on the pipe just like valves, convenient, quick and stable.
Pump has no shaft seal and rolling bearing, so it needs no maintenance and operation is dependable.
Lower vibration and noise due to vibration devoices such as vibration cushion, this saves capital construction invest by 40% and over.



Cold water circulation, cooling water circulation or hot water circulation in air-conditionings system of buildings;
Cold or hot water circulation in close way back system of factory and mine;
Water used for life of fire fighting of buildings;
It can be widely used in industries such as oil, food, refrigeration and nucleates. If the material is changed.


Operating Conditions

Capacity scope: 1~900(m3/h);
Head scope: 5~85(m);
Speed: 1410(r/min)~2896(r/min)
Max pump pressure≦1.6MPa;
Fluid temperature: -15℃~+95℃
Ambient Temp: No more than +40℃;
Protection class: IP54
Isolation class: Class H
Direction of rotation: Counter clockwise rotation viewed form impeller, clockwise rotation from motor;



SPG -PATE Vertical canned pump
80-Inlet&Outlet Nomind Diameters
4-Motor Power

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