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MP Plastic Magnetic Pumps

MP Plastic Magnetic Pumps


The pump is crystallization in the hi-tech field of magnetic pump. It combines many years of our designers, which also contains the highest technical content among various magnetic pumps.
MP magnetic pump has a unique with stylish appearance. In particular, its bearing adopts ceramic material with special formula. Bringing about extremely strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Thus we’ve gone out of the forbidden area of “No Loading” for magnetic pump to ensure its leading position and safety.



Chemical industry: sodium carbonate (the production of hydrochloric acid, hypo-fluoric acid and secondary chemicals); the production of fluoride and chemical fertilizers; circulation of reaction liquid in gas absorption tower; grease extraction (sulfuric acid);reclamation and regeneration system of waste acid; transportation of strong acids between chemical plants and vehicles.
Medicament industry: the production of luminescence chemicals for semiconductors (EL), pesticides, medicines, water treatment chemical agents.
Electroplating industry: circulation and filtration of various electroplating solutions
Photography industry: instamatic photographing; the development if X-ray film, black and white, color and stereoscopic pictures
Electrical appliance industry: the production of electrochemical capacitor (erosion of aluminum film); transportation of electrolyte in the production of dry cells and storage cells; etching of circuit boards; transportation of high purity chemical liquids in the production of semiconductors.
Metal industry: treatment equipment of Pell mina, deviling and pickling in wire stretching and steel rolling; deviling and pickling treatment before vehicle painting; the production of titanium oxide and rare earth elements and etc…
Mining industry: metal melting (transportation and circulation of electrolyte); washing of liquid waste.
Foodstuff industry: the production of Miltonic acid (hydrochloric acid); extraction of edible oil (sulfuric acid); the industry of tinned fruits (hydrochloric acid).
Medical treatment: hemodialyzer, heart and lung, ultrasonic cleaning machines and other medical equipment.
Water treatment: cleaning ion exchange resins; pure water production equipment; seawater desalination equipment.
Pollution control: waste water treatment chemical agent into liquid medicine cylinder; collection and transportation of waste liquid; waste gas absorption equipment (deodorization device, desulphurization before waste gas discharging)
Other: application in the fields of silver reclamation, wafer production, experimental plants, refrigerators, potable machines, daily boilers, heat exchangers, solar energy system, bleaching and dyeing and laser system etc., as well as the duty-cycle operation of spray pond, fish pond and ornamental fish bowl.



MP-MP series Plastic magnetic-driving centrifugal pump
20R-Product specs
X-No code referred to ordinary type:M referred to screw thread in inlet and putletinterface:;X referred to large flow type; Z referred to high head type; T referred to special application; N referred to upgraded type. 

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