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QW(WQ)dive dredge pump

QW(WQ)dive dredge pump


The impeller adopts particular large channel structure, so the drain capacity has been improved greatly, it can effectively pass the solid grain whose diameter is about 50% of the pump caliber.
To improve the application safety this pump can be fixed with various protective devices according to the consumer’s requirements, including: stator winding temperature-rise protection, bearing temperature-rise protection, oil chamber water-leakage protection etc devices.
It adopts inner self-flow circulation system. The motor is cooled by liquid, so it is safer to use. At the same time, the electric pump can be installed in dry and fixed form by this structure.
Mechanical seal adopts the latest material and is made with extra care, so its life is over 8000hours.
It can adopt double-way and automatic coupling installation device which makes the installation, maintenance of the unit convenient and quick.
To realize automation management we will equip various forms sewage special control cabinet according to the consumer’s requirements.



1、living waste water discharging
2、temporary floodwater discharging
3、sewage system of municipal works
4、waste water discharging of public facility
5、sewage system in factory and mine corporation
6、various water-discharging system
7、other transportation of non-corrosive and diluted medium 

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