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LW arise dredge pump

LW arise dredge pump


Should pump to usher in the abroad efficiently the stanza can have no to stop to line up the dirty pump advanced experience, combination this unit technique the power research to manufacture but, the index sign of various functions all attain the level of national standard of the same kind product.Because of the special and single passage leaf's round of adoption quality metal alloy for, moving seal completelying adopting two special materials the machine seal completely the device.The electrical engineering partition, has to have no to stop with oil room, high-efficiency, the stanza can show the , and is an our country pump type latest product for renewing changing the on behalf, deep and enjoyable door is welcome with the good opinion.



40-Outlet dia.
LW-LW arise dredge pump
P-stainless steel wertical non-stop
2.2-Power of motor

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