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ZW absorb dredge pump

ZW absorb dredge pump


ZW serial self-priming and non-block sewage pump is a new structure product which is developed on base of reaping study of domestic and foreign similar technology.
Pump of this kind has features of simple structure, good self-priming performance, high sewage capability, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient usage and maintenance etc compared with domestic similar product, and it belongs to the first creation in the country at sewage pump series. All technology and performance indexes are on top of the nation, reach the international advanced level, so it has the wide application market and developing future.



This kind of pump combines self-priming and non-block, adopts axial circumfluence out-mix type. And through the particular design of case, impeller channel, it not only needn’t to be fixed with base valve and poured in water like normal self-priming pump, but also can suck and discharge liquid containing big grain and long fibrin substance. So it is widely used in municipal sewage project, river and pond breeding, light Industry, paper making, weaving, foodstuff, chemical industry, power industry, fibrin, slurry and mixed suspension etc chemical medium.


Operating Conditions

Urrounding temperature ≦50℃,medium temperature ≦80℃, it can reach 200℃ under special requirement;

Medium consistency should not exceed 1240kg/m

Self-priming height should not exceed the stated number of 4.5~5.5m,and the suction pipe should not be over 10 meters long;

It can pass the suspended grain whose diameter is 60 percent of pump caliber, and the fibrin which is 5 times long of pump caliber.



100ZW80-20PB100-Inlet diameter(mm )
ZW-Self-priming and non-block sewage pump
80-Rated capacity(m3/h)
20-Rated head(m)
P-Staionless steel material(non-mark means cast iron)(304、305、306、307、316、316L)
B-Explosion protection motor (non mark means common motor) 

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