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AS/AV dive dredge pump

AS/AV dive dredge pump


This type pump has a particularly designed tearing mechanism. It can tear, cut fibred matters, and then drains them smoothly without needing filter net. So this type pump is particularly suitable for transporting sewage contained long fibred.
Mechanical seal adopts the latest material and is made with extra care, so its life is over 8000hours.
It has full head feature. It can operate within the full head scope with assurance that the motor will not be overload.
It can adopt double-way and automatic coupling installation device which makes the installation, maintenance of the unit convenient and quick.
The pump can be equipped with various forms automatic control cabinets according to the consumer’s requirements. It doesn’t need special person to guard, so the application is quite convenient and it is easy to realize automatic management.



1、Living waste water discharging
2、Temporary floodwater discharging
3、Sewage system of municipal works
4、Waste water discharging of public facility
5、Sewage system in factory and mine corporation
6、Other water-discharging system
7、Particularly unit to be used to transport sewage containing long fibrin matters


Operating Conditions

Head scope: 0~17m ;
Rated speed: 1450~2900r/min
System pressure: ≦06.MPa
Medium temperature:-15℃~60℃
Medium PH scope:5~9
Motor protection class:IP68
Motor insulation class: F级 F grade;
Rotation:clockwise rotation viewed from motor.
Capacity scope: 0~180m3/h;Medium consistency: ≦1.3×103kg/m3



AS-Submersible Sewage Pump
10-Nominal 10 times of motor power
2-Motor pole
CB-Anti-blocking Tearing mechanism 

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