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GDL Vertical pipeline multi-stage centrifugal pump

GDL Vertical pipeline multi-stage centrifugal pump


Vertical, multi-stage, sectional, compact and small structure;
Pump body has tube structure, its inlet and outlet size is the same, and that, they are at a line, can be fixed anywhere like valve, convenient, fast and steady. You can choose up-outlet type in order to convenient fixing, the angel between inlet and outlet can be justed0°、90°、180°、270°

If you need low noise and light tremor, isolating-vibrator or isolating-pad and connection board can be fixed.
The area is small because of special installation structure. 40% investment into building can be saved.



1、GDL vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump
2、Lives water supply in buildings
3、Fire-fighting water supply in buildings
4、Whole set water supply equipment and other boosting system’s pressure-stability pump
5、Water supply in boiler systems
6、Boosting and circulating in technology processes.
7、Completely made of stainless steel material, GDLF is suitable for the industries of chemical, foodstuff, brewing and pharmaceutical etc.


Operating Conditions

Head scope:20~230(m)
Rated speed:2900(r/min)
System Max: working pressure: 2.5MPa
Medium temperature:-15℃﹤T﹤105℃
Ambient temperature:≦+40℃
Motor protection class:IP44、IP54
Motor insulation class: B、F grade
Capacity scope:1.4~194.4(m3/h)



80-Inlet&Outlet caliber
GDL- Vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump
36-Rated capacity
12-Rated head

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