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CYZ-A Self-priming centrifugal pump

CYZ-A Self-priming centrifugal pump


CYZ-A self-priming centrifugal oil pump is the latest kind of pump developed by us after studying relevant technical data both at home and abroad and also making improvement. It is widely applied in oil houses, gas stations, oil tankers, tank-ships, docks, tank trucks and airports for the transfer of gas, coal oil, diesel oil, and aviation fuel and so on. If adopting the corrosion-proof mechanical seal and stainless steel material, it can also be applied for chemical industry, pharmacy, brewage, electroplate, printing and dyeing, paper making, electricity power, mines, etc. The temperature of its transferring medium ranges from -20℃~80℃;viscosity ≤100 centipoises and solid content below 30%.



This is a kind of self-priming centrifugal pump, featured by a simple structure, easy and stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life, strong self-priming capacity, etc.
The foot valve is unnecessary for the pipeline. Just make sure there is quantitative oil in the pump body before the operation. When used for the oil tanker or the water transport ship, it can be used as the stripping pump meanwhile with good performance in sweeping. It is elaborated with top-grade materials with hard alloy mechanical seal, lasting and durable. It is unnecessary to mount the safety valve for the discharge line and the foot valve for the suction line, thus simplifying the pipeline system and improving the working condition.



50-Meaning the caliber of pump suction inlet
C-Meaning it can meet requirements for being applied for the ship
Y-Meaning the transferring medium is oil
Z-Meaning the self-priming
A-Upgraded type
22-Meaning the head 


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