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LQRY Heat conduction oil pump

LQRY Heat conduction oil pump


LQRY Heat Condition Oil Pumps is widely applied in the heating system with heat transfer media in China for such industrial fields as petroleum, chemical industry, rubber, plastics, pharmacy, textiles, printing and dyeing, road construction and food. It is an ideal circulating pump for hot oil and mainly used for transferring weak-corrosion and high-temperature liquid without containing solid grains, whose working temperature is ≦370℃.



LQRY Heat Conduction Oil Pumps is the second generation of our product developed on the basis of digesting foreign oil pumps. Its basic structure is single-stage single-suction cantilever leg support, which has an axial suction inlet and a centrally vertical outlet. It is mounted on the base along with the engine.
LQRY Heat Conduction Oil Pumps adopts a double-end ball bearing support with the front end using the lubricating oil while the back end using the grease as the lubricant, and an oil conduit lying in between for always keeping an eye on the sealing and the recovery of conduction oil.
It adopts the self-heating and abstraction of heat structure instead of the traditional water cooling structure, thus featured by a simple and space-effective,fewer operating costs, good performance and reliable operation.
LQRY Heat Conduction Oil Pumps(1)combines the packing seal and the mechanical seal; the former has a good adaptability for the thermal state due to using packing with resistance to high temperature while the latter ensures the seal performance under high temperature as it adopts the hard alloy with strong mechanical strength and wear resistance;(2)adopts the third generation of PTFE for the lip seal, thus getting great performance in the seal performance, 25 times the reliability of the rubber seal, and extremely strong resistance to corrosion.



LQRY-Our hot oil pump code(non-queous cooling hot oil pump)
100-Inlet diameter
65-Outlet diameter
200-Nominal diameter of impeller 

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