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G Single-screw pump

G Single-screw pump


G Single-Screw Pumps is an enclosed screw pump with inner gearing, a kind of rotor positive-displacement pump. As this kind of pump is characterized by being adaptable for the medium, stable flow, good suction performance and small pressure pulsation, it can transfer very viscous media or those containing hard suspended or solid grains or fiber apart from various flowing media. Besides, it boasts good adjusting performance, wide range and high efficiency. Therefore it is widely applied in various industries like environmental protection, shipping, petroleum, pharmacy, household chemical, food, brewage, construction, mining, chemistry, printing, paper making, power plants and boilers.


Working principle

The single-screw pump is a kind of rotary positive-displacement pump with inner gearing. Its main working parts include eccentric screw (rotor) and fixed bush (stator).Due to special geometric shapes of the rotor and the stator, several separate seal cavities come into being respectively. The rotation of the rotor drives the transfer of media in all seal cavities from the suction end to the extrusion end continuously at a constant speed with the same volume. By right of these characteristics, the single-screw pump is especially suitable for the following working conditions:
1、Transfer of very viscous media;
2、Transfer of media containing solid grains or fiber;
3、Requiring continuous operation, stable pressure and no regular pressure fluctuation;
4、Requiring small agitation and no damages to the inherent structure of transferred media;
5、Low noise. 

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