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XBD-DL Vertical fire pump

XBD-DL Vertical fire pump


According to the national latest standard on fire pumps(GB6245-1998),our company has developed the new generation of XBD medium and low pressure pump products on the base of the original vertical multistage pumps and vertical single-stage pump. Including the types of XBD-LG,XBD-DL and XBD-ISG, this series of pumps can meet the requirements of fire pumps in performance. The vertical structure features high efficiency and wide range of performance, and to save floor occupation greatly. The use of quality bearing and motor makes pump running more safely and dependably with little noise and vibration. Hydraulically balanced axial force to reduce balancing drum, making it running more smoothly. Its shaft seal has the types of mechanical seal and packing seal.
1、XBD-LG pumps are featured by small floor occupation, elegant profile, high speed and light weight etc…
2、XBD-ISG pumps are featured by small floor occupation, light weight, little noise, superior performance and dependable operation etc…



Applicable for the fire water in residence, hotels, office buildings, commercial buildings, factories and hospitals etc.


Range of Perfprmance

Capacity: 5-200L/S


Operating Conditions

Applicable for transferring clear water or non-corrosive media whose physical and chemical characteristic is similar as clear water and solid insoluble matters less than 0.1%
Medium temperature:-15℃-120℃
Max. working pressure: XBD-DL PUMP:≤2.5MPa,i.e.system pressure lift head ≤2.5MPa
Ambient temperature≤40℃ and relative temperature<95℃.

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