The conventional mode of water supply can not be without a water storage pool, the water therein is usually supplied by a tap water pipe network, in this way the pressured water becomes non-pressure when going into the pool, causing a lot of energy wasted.
ZWL micro-computerized non-suction pressure constant flow water supply equipment is completed one capable of directly connecting with the water pipe network, producing no side effect to the network, replacing the impounded reservoir, directly supplying water or by way of relay by fully using the pressure of the network avoiding secondary pollution and energy waste greatly saving the construction investment and shortening the construction phase. The equipment consists of a converter control cabinet, a flow stabilizing tank, the pump unit, meters, valve pipeline unit etc. and issuitable for the water supply system of a tap water pipe network ans required to boost the water pressure and make the flow constant.



1、No need of water pool, saving both fund and energy
ZWL micro-computerized non-suction pressure constant-flow water supply equipment is of a notable effect on both fund and energy saving, which, compared to others, can be over 50% for the pool construction cost and 20%-40% for electricity saving.
2、Simple installation and less land used
It can be equipped with either a horizontal or a vertical flow stabilizing tank. The two tanks are of different Features: less space for the horizontal one and less land for the vertical one. The design, manufacture and inspection of the flow stabilizing tanks made in think Co. conform with the provisions in GB150(steel made pressure containers),but inside of them no compressed air is stored, unnecessary to be listed in the management scope of pressure containers.
3、Extensive purposes and strong suitability
It can be used for either living or fire-fighting water supply and equipped with water pumps of any models. When used for fire-fighting water supply, it has to be equipped with the water pump specially for fire-fighting.
4、Full functions and high degree of intelligence
It uses the advanced know-how of converter control, features overload, short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, lack-of-phase, overheat and speed-lost protections and soft starting etc, functions and can do signal warn, self-detection and failure judgment and auto matically adjust the water supply flow upon the water quantity being used.
5、Advanced product and reliable quality
The accessories used with ZWL series equipment have been screened among many manufactures and there fore hold a reliable quality. The main overflow parts are made of sus304 stainless steel, its internal wall is also coated with the advanced “841 epoxy polyamide cating for the internal wall of food containers” for anticorrosion. The products conform with the provisions in (living and drinking water sanitation supervising & managing method) and the key parts inside of the products, relay and miniature pneumatic tank, are those of the world and domestic well known brands.
6、Personalized design, showing a distinctive style
Upon the features of multi-floor buildings, ZWL series equipment is equipped with a by-pass pipe(omissible for multiple pump units) and a miniature pneumatic tank. When the pressure of the tap water pipe nework can meet with the water used demand, the system supplies water directly through the by-pass pipe and, and the pump switchover process, the pmeumatic tank acts as constant-pressure.


Operating Conditions

1、environmental temperature:5-40℃
2、RH of air:≤85%(at 20±5℃)
3、Medium temperature:4-70℃
4、Voltage of power supply:380V(+5%,-10%)

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