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ZX Self-Priming Pumps

ZX Self-Priming Pumps


Our ZX series Self-Priming Pump is a kind of energy-saving pump developed by us after studying relevant technical date both at home and abroad and also making improvement. This is a kind of self-priming centrifugal pump, featured by a compacted structure, easy and stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life, strong self-priming capacity, etc. The foot valve is unnecessary for the pipeline. Just make sure there is quantitative conduction liquid in the pump body before the operation. Therefore, it simplifies the pipeline system and improves the working condition.



Applicable for urban environment, construction, fire control, chemical industry, pharmacy, dye, brewage, power electricity, plating, paper making, washing of industrial mines, cooling of equipment, etc.
When mounted with a swing arm sprayer, the water can go into the air and become small drips to spray, thus being a good tool for farm, nursery, garden, tea garden.
Applicable for clear water, seawater, liquid chemical media with a certain degree of acidity and alkalinity and generally pasty serum (medium viscosity≦100 centipoises and solid content below 30%)
Being applicable for working together with filter presses of any types and specifications, it is the most ideal supportive pump to deliver the serum to the filter press for the press and filter.


Operating Conditions

Ambient temperature: ≦40℃;
medium temperature: -10℃--80℃、≦120℃(hot water type)
Material: casting and stainless steel.



80-Meaning the suction port
ZX-Meaning the self-priming pump
30-Meaning the flow
15-Meaning the head
P-Meaning the stainless steel material(cast iron not marked)
B-Meaning explosion-proof motor 


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