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4J-Z Plunger Metering Pump

4J-Z Plunger Metering Pump


1. Adopt stationary eccentric wheel
2. Precise molding crust, cast copper worm wheel as well as wearable ball bearing, all of the drive parts are lubricated by lubricating oil
3. The pump head and power box are completely separated to stop probable corrosion of the box
4. The pump head can adopt electric heating type, and temperature can be set randomly
5. Reasonable structure, reliable performance, stable operation, convenient to regulate and simple to maintain.
Main purpose J-Z series plunger type metering pump is a kind of general mechanical equipment, it can accord with process flow’s requirements, and can quantitatively transport various liquids with stepless regulation within the journey of 0~100%, besides, the metering precision of transported medium at largest journey is ±1%. Flux range of metering pump is
7.5~1000L/h, it is applicable for transporting mediums without solid granule whose temperature is -30~120℃, viscidity is 0.3~800mm2/s.


Operating Conditions

Rated flux: 7.5~1000L/h
Max pressure: 0.32~50Mpa
Rated power: 0.75kw~1.5kw
Material of pump head: 1Cr18Ni9Ti、304 、316, optional
Sealing material: character-changing PTFE
Flux regulation: 0~100 %continuous stepless regulation
Diameter of inlet (outlet): 10~25mm sleeve cap, flange connection
Voltage: 380V single phase 50HZ


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